Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cycle

It's camp time again.  I love this time of year.  Seeing all the young people get fired up about Jesus reminds me of when this happened to me.  We may be at a college campus with dorm rooms and air-conditioning (for most of us, anyway), instead of cabins with windows and sagging bunks, but it is a similar experience. Get young people away from all the distractions of life and amazing things start to happen.

Last night, Craig Peters spoke to the kids about breaking the cycle.  The pattern for many campers is that they catch the fire at camp and go home completely wild about their faith.  They are so full of the Spirit that they just can't shut up about it.  It leaves parents wondering what happened to their kids (in a good way).  But over time, the busyness of their lives starts to take over and the pressure they are under from friends at school starts to become a bigger influence.  They next thing you know, they are back to pre-camp behaviors and attitudes.

But last night, they were called to end this cycle.  Craig urged us to choose God instead of choosing to follow our old habits.

What great advice for all of us.  How many times have we wanted to break this cycle in our own lives?  We ask God to forgive us and to help us overcome some of the patterns we know are destructive.  And God promises to forgive us every time we mess up.  But why do we need more than once?

It is time to end the cycle of repentance, forgiveness, and repeat.  Let it stick this time around.  And get rooted in the Word and in your relationship with God so that the right choice is the easy choice.