Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today, the lead pastors of the United Methodist Churches in Marion met to discuss the possibility of having our congregations join together for a small group study in the weeks before Lent.  We began thinking that we would pick a study that would work for all of us, but quickly decided that we could develop our own study.

I learned two things today, or rather, I had two things reaffirmed.  The first is that gathering over coffee, especially at a local coffee house, is an environment that is much more conducive for creativity than a typical meeting room.  When I go to a meeting room, I am thinking about when I can get out.  We want to leave meetings.  I don't remember thinking that at Witte's End.  I had no problem letting go of my constant habit of checking my watch and just let the creativity flow.  So maybe, when our meetings need the time and space for creativity to flow, we should have them away from the church.  I'm not saying that we can't have productive meetings at church.  I'm just advocating for the freedom to meet where people can relax.  Of course, this isn't new thinking.

I also learned that there is some great wisdom in my colleagues.  I am a better person for spending time with Mike Morgan and Marty Schuhmacher.  It is a privilege to serve with them.  Thanks, guys.

Practice your faith every day

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