Monday, November 1, 2010

seeing the other side

Last week, as I mentioned before, I went to the Make a Difference Tour at the US Cellular Center.  Several people from Christ Community Church went to the concert and I've been getting feedback about it.  The organizers of this tour understand that to reach a wide audience, they needed to have a variety of musicians and music.  That's why TobyMac, Third Day, Michael W. Smith, and Jason Gray were all a part of the event.

By far, the artist that has generated the most feedback has been TobyMac.  He was loud.  He was, by far, the loudest of the acts.  Most of this was because he had the bass turned all the way up.  One of our people said that she could see her pants vibrating.

For most people, you either liked TobyMac or you didn't.  I liked him.  He's one of my favorites.  My family listens to him regularly.  But I understand why several didn't.  He's not for everyone.  But that's why there were other acts for people to see.

Tonight, a wise man said that while he didn't like TobyMac, he appreciated his ministry because he could see many people in the event center that were connecting with his music.  They were being ministered to by this loud hip-hop artist that he just couldn't relate to.

This is something that we need to keep in mind in the church.  Not everything that happens in the church is designed to reach everyone.  Ministries are targeted to specific groups of people, not everyone.  Children's ministries are for children.  Bible studies are geared toward adults.  They wouldn't be effective otherwise.

So, if something is proposed that you doesn't excite you, ask if it might excite someone else in the church.  And if it does, support it as much as you can.  On the other hand, it is appropriate to ask for ministries that appeal to you.  Variety in the church is important.

By the way, we will have a sponsorship event at Christ Community Church in December, where you will have the opportunity to sponsor a child through WorldVision.  Stay tuned.

Practice your faith every day.

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