Sunday, November 14, 2010


Have you heard about the missile that was launched off the coast of California?  Except that it wasn't a missile, according to the Department of Defense.  It was a plane.  Except that several experts say it wasn't.  So what was it?

What I find so interesting about this is that the media are still talking about it.  Not really the mainstream media, but the fringe media.  It seems that this was a non-event.  The multi-billion dollar missile detection system didn't detect a missile.  Too bad that the media that is still talking about this doesn't believe it.  The more the DOD denies it is a missile, the more the media claims they are lying.

I am relieved that this isn't getting more play than it is.  Most of America understands that if the big dogs of the press aren't covering this story, then it must not be worth paying attention to.  We get it in this case.  Why can't the same thing happen in the church?

The church often suffers because of what the fringe do or say.  When groups that don't fit into the mainstream make comments or protest in the name of God using hateful speech, we all suffer.

One of the obstacles the church faces is that twenty-somethings believe that the church is out of touch with culture.  When Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps open their mouth, then we must all believe the same things they do.  I wish that most of America would understand that these voices aren't representative of Christianity and therefore are not worth paying attention to.

The real representatives of Christianity are the people who go to church on Sunday and to work on Monday.  They are the faithful who may never get to speak in front of a TV camera, but might make a significant statement of faith over coffee.

It takes a lot of effort to represent Christ and overcome the fringe voices.  But we have to do it.  For the sake of the Kingdom, we have to do it.

Practice your faith every day.

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